You kittens know I get obsessed with things as does my housemate Kiki and our latest obsession has been nesting & decorating our place. We have such a huge place (well for the Eastern Suburbs) but it was kind of blah so we went on a spending spree & a giant visit to Ikea to get some more furniture. Our living space is one big giant rectangle which has our lounge, tv, dining room & my sewing area so we decided to created living rooms. So now we have a library, TV area, dining area & sewing area.

Its still a bit of a work in progress but it’s a big giant improvement on what it was before (think one big giant, white, blurgh area).

Library pt. I

OK so both a male friend & my male housemate both thought I was insane for arranging the  books by colour, that’s not weird right? Its a design feature! BOYS!

Library pt. II

How awesome is the vintage chest, I picked it up in my country hometown for $5! I had been searching for one forever & the owner of the vintage store had marked it down cause she couldn’t get rid of it.

TV Area pt. I

The rugs are driving me insane already cause my other housemates keep on insisting on pulling the coffee table closer to them when they are eating & it messes up the rug

TV Area pt. II

So what do you guys think, you like?

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