Hot Tip – Coconut Oil

Y’all know I love coconut oil and always bang on about it (ands yes I did just say y’all, I lived in Texas, deal with it), well I have found another awesome use for it. I know a lot of people use it as a hair treatment but that never seemed to make a huge difference to my hair which is thick, coarse, dry & very damaged from my ghetto home hairdressing escapades. So I came up with the brilliant idea of putting coconut oil in my hair while it’s dry before I wash it to protect the ends from shampoo & it’s works, I am so smart S-M-R-T! Anyhoo so what I do is comb my hair while it’s dry, put the coconut oil through the lengths & ends of my hair (from my ears down), then I shampoo my hair with only the shampoo on my scalp, massage in the shampoo, rinse & squeeze out the excess oil. Then I add in the conditioner & comb out the tangles with a wide tooth comb, leave it in for a few minutes & then rinse.

Once a fortnight I will add the coconut oil into my dry hair at night, plat my hair & go to bed with the coconut oil in my hair, cause the oil seems to absorb into my hair it doesn’t feel all gross & get oil all over my pillowcase.

Since I’ve been doing this, my hair is the softest it’s ever been (well since I started bleaching it anyway) and I’ve even got my glossy locks back. So if you have hair like mine, give it ago, you won’t be sorry though I can’t guarantee how it will work on fine hair, it could be a bit too much for your hair & weigh it down.

I use this fancy coconut oil from Papua New Guinea because it is the most coconutty scented coconut oil I have found, it’s a Fair Trade Product & the much needed money goes back into the PNG community & I like the fancy reusable jar. This brand is also great for cooking as well as using as body moisturiser, it seems to absorb quicker than cheaper brands which could be because of the quality. I got mine from a local health food store or you can buy it online here.

3 thoughts on “Hot Tip – Coconut Oil

  1. Ooh this sounds awesome, will definitely give this a go, I tend to use the same method with conditioner (condition, shampoo, condition) but I love the idea of using pure coconut oil instead.

    • Yeah I was doing a similar thing to you but the pre-coconut oil seems to work better, I can’t get over how soft my hair is & I tend to use cheap ‘cone free shampoo and conditioners.

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