I don’t normally bother to write post bashing products as most products that don’t work for me would probably still work for others but this product has no redeeming features at all.

I’m talking about Garnier Fructis Curl Control Thermo-Active Spray, I purchased it because it is supposed to be a heat protectant as well as providing hold when using heat styling tools. I have used this product numerous times & with 3 different curling irons & I get the same result each time which is the curl falling out of my hair. I’m not even talking going from curls to a wave, I’m talking going from curls to almost dead straight hair within an hour or so. Normally when I curl my hair, I just use a bit of hairspray & the curls will last until I was my hair 3 days later so it’s pretty annoying to bother doing my hair to have it fall straight out again. I have no idea what is in this product to do that but in my hair it has no holding power whatsoever, this is so bad it’s already sitting in the bin in my bathroom. So I’m filing this product under ‘Urgh don’t bother’ unless you actually want straight hair, though they do have a Sleek & Shine Thermo-Active Spray but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have the exact same ingredients.

2 thoughts on “Urgh

  1. My curls last the whole day with this product. Not sticky, not crispy. Very natural curls/waves. I like the smell too. My only complaint is with the spray nozzle – the stuff almost comes out in a stream which is very apply properly.

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