Dressing like an insane person pt.II

Ok since no one complained about my other outfit post, I thought I would throw another one in, this one is even more crazy than yesterdays and it’s extra Stevie Nicks.

I warned you, but I also used to wear this to work but in summer & without the fur & biker boots so it’s can’t be that crazy.

  • Bonds Stripey singlet, OMG I love these, I have about 5 of them. I got them from Big W are they are the best singlets ever. Not sure if they are still there as they were on sale a couple of months ago & I stocked up. Hopefully they bring them back out in Summer
  • Ally Fashions Fur Vest, I raved about this in my other post so no need to say any more.
  • Plated leather belt, I have a ridiculously small waist & most belts are too big, got this from Vinnies for $1, pretty sure it’s actually a child’s belt
  • Supre leopard print maxi skirt, gah I love this too. Maxi skirts are just so awesome in Summer & Winter, this one also has the extra awesome power of leopard print.
  • Dior acrylic aviators, no idea on what these are called
  • BYS nail polish Kung Fu Blue
  • Gold crest necklace stolen from my Nana
  • Random gold bangles from markets, Diva & Bali
  • Louis Vuitton handbag, once again no idea on the name of the style
  • Frye belted harness boots, best boots in the world, totes worth every penny

4 thoughts on “Dressing like an insane person pt.II

  1. Any post that includes the words “extra Stevie Nicks” is guaranteed to be good. I can’t pull off the 70’s look with my boy shaped body, so I’m really loving living through you with these posts.

    • Ohh thanks poppet, in the wise words of Jack Donaghy; I call it Power Clashing, haha. Ps. I love your blog, I’ve been reading it for a while now xo

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