Sorry to everyone who reads this blog through a reader, I didn’t realise the full rrs feed wasn’t showing up & that you had to click on the post to view the full post. This wasn’t intentional, it was just me being oblivious & not realising until a kind anonymous, possibly spam comment pointed it out. It’s all fixed now & I also decided to changed the layout while I was playing around, do you like or should I go back to the old one or does no one really care?


2 thoughts on “Fixed

  1. thanks. it wasn’t a spam comment. some of us dont feel the need to share all our details on sites without a privacy policy! cheers.

    • haha glad to hear you are real, some of those dang spam comments are so realistic you sometimes can’t tell, but thanks again for letting me know cause I didn’t realise my blog wasn’t showing up the full feed & I hate when other blogs do that in my google reader.

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