Dressing like a insane person

I don’t bother with doing outfits of the day because normally I don’t put that much effort into what I wearing as both my jobs have fairly casual dress codes. There is also the fact that I am the most un-photogenic person in the world, if you saw my photos on the World Square facebook page you would agree. I am not posting the hideous one because I don’t want to see that every time I open up my blog but I will post the other photo so you can see the outfit I put together at Ally Fashions.

I swear I have not edited or airbrushed this photo & I have no idea why I look jaundiced. It was the lighting I swear!

Anyway, in case you do what to see how I typically dress (like a crazy person from the 70’s mostly) I have put together one of my favourite looks that I wear. Now be warned, what I wear is not everyone’s cup of tea & I live by 3 motto’s in life.

  1. What would Stevie (Nicks) do?
  2. More is more
  3. Leopard print is a neutral

So when you combine these 3 motto’s into every outfit you wear, you tend to come across as a little insane. But I just can’t help myself & have always dressed this way.

  • Ally Fashions sheer leopard print blouse, this is also the one I’m wearing in the top photo
  • Vintage 70’s sunglasses, I call these my Peggy Guggenheim glasses
  • Random jewellery & Adidas watch
  • Ladakh jeans, I’ve had them for about 4 years, I was so sad in America when I put on weight & was out shopping one day, saw myself in the mirror in these & realise I looked like Jessica Simpson, and not the good kind.
  • Belt from vinnies or some other thrift store as are most of my belts
  •  Shoe Box cheapo wedges I picked up on sale from (I love wedges).
  • Suede bay from ebay I think

Should I do more fashiony type posts or does everyone come here more for the beauty posts? You may be shocked surprised to learn that I actually did study clothing design and production after viewing these photos.

6 thoughts on “Dressing like a insane person

  1. can you please send your whole post to rss? every other blog does it now, except yours and i’m going to stop clicking through to the blog! it still counts as a blog hit.

  2. I enjoy all your posts. Beauty, job updates, television shows & now clothing. Hell throw some footy, music & wedding posts in there & I’m all yours =p
    I’m a horrid day clothing person in winter. I live in tights & oversized jumpers. Bring back the sunshine, swimmers & highwaisted pants so my cheeks are showing!
    Ps. I like the new layout. Dandelions are so underrated.

    • aww thanks poppet, well lucky we have Oh Errol for footy, and I have a confession to make, even though I am single I can’t stop looking at all the pretty wedding at Ruffled & Polka Dot Bride, if you haven’t looked at those two, do & check them out, I am not even into weddings that much but i am obsessed with these two wedding blogs.

  3. Ruffled, Polka Dot Bride & Style Me Pretty are divine! Would it be wrong for me to send my own wedding pics in? Cos I totally want to feature! And my recent find is Oh So Beautiful Paper. It is an amazing wedding invitation blog. My head is going to explode with all the “inspiration” I’m getting.

    PS. I found you through Oh Errol =D

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