Non-Owie Exfoliators

I used to work for Clinique & they are obsessed with exfoliation, I too became obsessed with exfoliation. Now I have rosacea and my days of exfoliation are over, or so I thought. I now have to use the type of exfoliators I used to hate, you know the ones, they are in a creamy base with gentle exfoliators beads whereas before I was all about the grittier the better. Now I have learned to appreciate their gentler cousins, mainly because they don’t aggravate my skin or give me flare ups. I also have gone from using exfoliators everyday to twice a week at the most depending on how rough or flakey my skin is feeling.

Anti-clockwise from left

Roc Gentle Exfoliating Cream rrp $32

This has the type of gritty exfoliating particles I like but in a creamy cushiony base.

QV Face Exfoliating Polish rrp $12.95

This is another exfoliator in a creamy base but has gentler, sperical exfoliating beads. It also contains an ingredient called Avemide 15™ which is supposed to calms and soothe the skin. This is probably the best cheapie gentle exfoliator I have tried.

Chanel Maximum Radiance Exfoliating Gel rrp $47

This one is really good if you have oilier skins or hate creamy exfoliators, its a gel exfoliator with  jojoba microbeads. It’s so gentle that as you are using it, you feel like it’s not doing any thing, then you rinse it off & your skin is left so fresh & soft.

Komea Daily Facial Exfoliant rrp $39.95

This is completely differennt from all the scrubs & is one of the most gentle so can be used everyday even by sensitive skins. It uses crushed rose hips and  chamomile flowers to gently buff the skin while Organic rose hip oil and shea butter ensure that skin is left moisturised. You can also use this product as a facial mask as it contains kaolin clay to detoxify the face.

Kosmea The Five Minute Facial™ Muslin Cloth rrp $19.95

Arrrgh I love this facial cloth so much, its amazing. At one stage I stopped using exfoliators altogether & purely used this muslin cloth, It’s great to use with a cleansing oil to remove all traces of make-up. My favourite way to use this was to apply the oil or cleanser on my skin, massage it in, dip the cloth in warm water & wring out then apply the warm cloth over my face for 5 seconds. It really helped open up my pore & the natural cotton fibres of the cloth gently exfoliate the skin and draw out impurities.

Because I don’t discriminate, my next post will be on the gritty exfoliators that I used to love before my skin turned stupid & that are great for anyone who doesn’t have sensitive skin.

2 thoughts on “Non-Owie Exfoliators

    • My skin is so stupid that it even reacts to BHA’s, it used to love them & now they break me out *cries* though I haven’t tried the Paul’s Choice one, I wonder if my skin would be ok with AHAs though, hmmm.

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