World Square Fashion Insider

On Friday I went to World Square Shopping Centre in the Sydney CBD to meet up with their Fashion Insider & to talk fashion & beauty trends. We went to Sparkle Nails to chat with girls there about nail trends & the hot colours for winter. I love that they not only have OPI nail polish colours to pick from, they also have Estee Lauder, Lancome & Chanel. They have also just gotten gel nail polishes in which are great if you want something to strengthen your nails as it doesn’t damage the nail bed & the colour lasts between 2-4 weeks as it is cured under a UV lamp. The girls at Sparkle Nails are also pro’s at nail art, they showed us some examples & they were pretty amazing. Plus they had a lot of nail art involving glitter which is guaranteed way directly into my heart.

After chatting about the latest nail trends & colours we moved on to Ally Fashion which admittedly I hadn’t been into in a very long time but I knew they had affordable clothing & you all know I love my bargains. As soon as I walked into the store I went nuts, it was like I was on Supermarket Sweep & I grabbed about 10 items of clothing in under a minute. Even the World Square Fashion Insider looked shocked at my shopping blitz, I’m a fast shopper I tells ya’, I know exactly what I like & don’t like, if it doesn’t grab my eye straight away then I don’t even bother picking it up. I went & tried all my picks on & it was so hard to pick my favourites, I ended up picking the Pintucked Highwaisted Shorts which even know I am not a big shorts wearer, they actually surprised me with their awesome fit, the Animal Print Shirt and faux Fur Sleeveless vest.

My Ally Fashion Winter 2011 picks

The lovely peeps at World Square had given me a $50 shopping voucher for me to use to pick out my picks for the season & I wanted to buy so much at Ally but I ended up going for the sheer Animal Print Shirt because I can wear it to work with a cami underneath or undone with the sleeves rolled up & open with a singlet underneath, plus it will look amazeballs tucked into high waisted pants. Because the shirt was so cheap at $24.95.

I also got the faux Fur Sleeveless Vest because A. You can never have enough faux fur & B. I had one that I loved but left in America as I couldn’t fit it in my suitcases when I moved back to Oz. This was $39.95 so I threw in some extra money to get it as it’s such nice quality for the price, I couldn’t get over how soft it felt.

Ally Fashions also has an online store so if you can’t make it to their World Square store or their other stores around Australia so you can still get your cheapie fashion fix. I still cannot get over how good the quality of the clothes were for how cheap they were, I am definitely going back to stock up on all their knits for winter.

World Square Shopping Centre is having a ‘Like What You See?’ competition where you can win over $7000 in fashion prizes over 5 weeks. Now if you hurry you can still enter this week’s pack which is the Relaxed fashion pack which ends tomorrow & week 5’s Glamorous fashion pack. It’s too easy, all you have to do is go over to the World Square Shopping Centre Facebook Page & hit like, then go to the World Square website to pick the prizes you want to win & fill out your details.

Also if you become a fan of the World Square Facebook page, keep an eye out & you will see my interview on what my top fashion & beauty trends for Winter, me wearing my Winter picks from Ally Fashion along with the video interview where I talk about nail polish colours. Go on, you know you want too, though hopefully it’s not to cringe-worthy as I hate being filmed or photographed & I’ve not seen the final outcome so if you love me, you’ll go keep an eye out for it & let me know how embarrassing awesome I was.

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