Bower Bird

I don’t have a lot of jewelry, I tend to be a bit of a bower bird & I tend to have pieces that were either given to me or have sentimental value. I wear the same pieces everyday & I never get sick of them, wearing them makes me happy as they all have a story. Actually look at my jewellery below, most of it I didn’t even buy myself, most were pieces of my Nana’s jewellery collection & these are the ones I wear the most & are the most special to me.

  1. Assortment of bangles,the zebra one is from Diva, have no idea where the rest are from. I always have a stack of bangle & bracelets on my arm, remember More is More™
  2. The bottom tiger eye bracelet is a new one I scored off my Nana as it matches the tiger eye necklace (see #4). The top one I got in Fort Worth in Texas, its made from copper & has animals head embossed on it, it’s got a Native American feel to it
  3. Collection of Adidas watches, they are the only watches I own
  4. Both of these necklaces were my Nana’s, the left one has an elephant & the other has a tiger eye pendant which matches the #2 bracelet
  5. These bracelets are all very special to me so I rarely wear them in case I loose them, the first three starting from the left were my Nana’s. The first one is a bracelet of turtles & their shells are jade, I believe my Nana got given this off her father. The next one is a tin cameo bracelet that is my most special piece as it was the first piece of jewelry that my pop bought my Nana. The next one was also my Nana’s but I am not sure of the back story of that one but I luffs it. I’m not sure about the one on the right, I think it might have been one of the bracelets my Great Pop brought back from the Middle East during  WWII, it’s made out of coins. I’m sure my Mum will correct me if I am wrong.
  6. I got this in Austin, Texas, it’s a bit ratty as the beads are only threaded on ribbon but I love it anyway
  7. I got this one in Kansas, not sure where, my friend bought it at a thrift shop for me.
  8. This is the necklace I wear everyday with the three charms, the charm on the left is a St Christopher medal which is a tradition in my family, my Pop always had one in his car & my Mum bought me this one when I moved to America & made me promise never to take it off. The one in the middle is a drum from Papua New Guinea that my room mate got me when she went there & the one on the right is an anchor as my Mother’s maiden name (and one of my middle names) means anchor.
  9. Two rings that my Mum got me, the bigger one she bought me for xmas & the other is one she bought me when I was a teenager.
  10. This is a new acquired piece from my Nana, I’m not a big fan of crucifixes but I love Maltese crosses.
    One of my best friends got my this rose gold necklace from Grandma Takes A Trip for Xmas, I love it so much & love how unique it is with the square links. I wear this most days.
  11. My friend in American gave me this ring, it was just from Forever 21, its all tarnished now & the gold has all worn off but I still wear it
  12. Another new acquisition from my Nana, I love this, looks like something from a Mimco collection. It has a crest with a horse on it (I think) and it’s so big & chunky.
  13. Don’t know where this ring came from, I think it might actually be my roommates, shhhh don’t tell her
  14. This is a cameo with a flamingo on it! Whats not to love, got this from Sportsgirl about a year ago


2 thoughts on “Bower Bird

  1. Not sure about the coins either but I think you’r right. I do know where to borrow some jewellery from!!!!!!

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