On Report Week 2

So I’ve been chugging along, still using the same products on my skin as last week & my skin is still improving. I’ve noticed the eczema that I normally get in the joints of my elbows & under my arms has almost disappeared however the back of my thighs is still a bit dry but this is the largest patch so I expect this will take the longest to heal. My chest & arms have almost cleared up but I still have a few bumps but it’s 90% gone. I am thinking of buying some Azeloyl Glycine which is a derivative of Azelaic acid from Skinactives to put in my body lotion to kill any remaining bacteria that the coconut oil doesn’t get.

With my face, I’ve stepped up using the Azclear to morning and night but with  a moisturiser over the top & I haven’t had any more problems & the moisturiser doesn’t seem to be interfering with it. I did try to add the DermaDoctor Poetry In Lotion Retinal back into my skincare regime but I after using it I work up with two new rosacea breakouts so I went straight back to the Azclear & the next down they were gone. So it might be a matter of me using the Retinal every other night with the Azclear everyday & on those alternative days.

Other things I have noticed is now I have stepped up using the Azclear everyday, my skin is a lot less oily & the pores on my t-zone have significantly reduced. I don’t stop treat with the Azclear, I use it all over my face & neck with a serum as I use it as a treatment for existing breakouts & as a preventative to stop new breakouts occurring. I’ve been using mineral make-up over the top of the Azclear with no problems but it can have a bit of tendency to ball if you use too much so I’m not sure how well liquid foundation would sit over the top.

I was a bit naughty & I did introduce one new product into my skincare regime & that is Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream but only after the sales consultant assured me it would be fine for my sensitive skin. I won’t go into too much detail as I will review it properly in my next post but I will say I LOVE THIS MOISTURISER SO MUCH! I use this morning & night over the top of the Azclear & it has not broken me out at all, doesn’t make me oily, keeps my skin hydrated & gives me a glow.

So that’s about it, nothing too exciting, but my skin is definitely clearing up & healing which is pretty exciting too me, more importantly I am learning what triggers my skin reactions which I will go into detail with in my next posts on my skin updates.

Another cute bunnie photo cause this is my blog & I can do what I want

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