I didn’t get the stylish gene

I am currently visiting my mum & my nana in the small country town where I was born & I have been going through some of our family photos. My pop was a keen photographer so there are a heap of negatives that need to be scanned but I thought I’d share some that I found. I thought I’d share the ones of my the women in my family to show how amazingly put together they were. Clearly that gene skipped me altogether as I usually am dressed like a crazy person.

No one seems to know who this lady is apart from the fact she is some relative, I am guessing by the signed photo her name is Betty. I like her stylin’ hat & fur.

These are my pop’s two sisters, I like the youngest ones hat, lacey dress & ankle socks.

Here is my pop & his brothers & sisters dresses for a funeral. How cute does my pop look? (he’s the youngest one on the far right) He looks like he should be in the Little Rascals.

How amazing is my nana’s dress, imagine dressing like that now for a road trip? I must not have gotten that gene, I wear trackies & uggs on my road trips.

How stylish were my Great Grandparents? I love my Great Grandnan’s hat & glasses!

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