My Must Haves – Make up

I thought I’d do a few posts on my must haves, that is, the products I can’t live without & buy over & over again. I’ll start off with my make-up must haves since my skincare is a bit boring at the moment & you all know what I am using at the moment anyway to find my skin must haves.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

I have really long & thick eyelashes but they are like horse lashes & hang down, I am so envious of people with curly eyelashes. Remember in the 90’s when there was the craze started by L’oreal for mascaras that curled lashes, I do cause I bought them all. And you guessed it, none of them worked for me. Anyway I don’t need them now, because I have found the best eyelash curler ever. I was introduced to them by another make-up artist about 8 years ago & I am still using the original one that they gave me. I know everyone goes on & on about the Shu uemura curlers, but they just didn’t do anything for me.  I think these retail for about $50 in Oz, but you can usually pick them up cheap on strawberrynet or for under the $15 mark.

Stila eye shadow trio gold glow

I actually bought this as part of a pack for my mum for her birthday when I was in America, but when I moved back I found she hadn’t used it, so I did what any good daughter does, I stole it. So glad that my thieving ways paid off cause this shadow is awesome. I mix the gold & bronze colour together & apply on my lid, wet my brush & use the bronze colour in the crease & put the white shadow in the brow & inner corners. I use this everyday & use it for an awesome bronze smokey eye when I go out, it’s also awesome for travel because it has 3 colours that can be applied wet or dry for my intensity its like having 6 colours in one shadow compact. I also want to get this in the Bronze Glow.  You can get this from Mecca Cosmetics for $56 or if you have a mail forwarding service or know someone going to the states you can get it for $28 US.

Mum if you are reading this & I know you are, you can’t have this back. I know I just said it was awesome, but I was lying, really *cough*.

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen in Black

Ok, so this isn’t all that long lasting, well it is, but if you touch your eye it will come off but I don’t even care, it’s really black & because of the pen design it’s really easy & quick to apply. I don’t really have much else to say about this, but I love it.

Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss

I love these glosses, they really are moisturing & long lasting, I love Ginger which is the perfect nude colour. I am also a fan of Mango & Raspberry which are awesome summer colours. You can pick them up from Clinique counters for $32 & are worth is cause they are quite big & last forever.

Anastasia Brow Gel

If you know anyone going to America & you are a brow freak like me, you need to get this. This stuff is awesome & come in clear or coloured versions & is the best brow gel I have ever used. I have quite unruly brows & this stuff seriously keep them in place all day & doesn’t flake or give you brow dandruff. I will cry when i run out of my current tube, I would go back to America just to stock up on this, that’s how much I love it. I’m an odd bird I know.

Hope that was helpful to some of you guys, I will do my nail must haves & hair must haves in the up coming weeks as well.

3 thoughts on “My Must Haves – Make up

  1. Oh, I’m glad to hear the Revlon liquid eyeliner is good – I rarely use eyeliner unless I’m going out to a big function and I want something super easy to apply because I’m not great at applying and I usually do it in a rush!

    • I love the Revlon eyeliner cause it’s like using a texta, I find most other liquid liners end up with oo much product on the brush & it goes gluggy.

  2. Anything else that I’m missing???? I don’t think you pinched anything last weekend as I didn’t take much.

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