On Report – Week 1

Ok so I’ve cut all my skincare down to basics & so far the results have been promising. I’ve cut right back to basics & have only been using the Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash & Moisturiser & Organic Virgin Coconut oil.

I use the Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash 0n my face & body, it actually makes the most amazing face wash. I use a baby wipe to take off my make-up first then use the body wash on my face &  body. You only need the smallest amount on your face, maybe the size of a 5 cent coin & I use a wash puff so I only need about the size of a 10c coin.

The Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Moisturiser I use on my body of a morning & on my face morning & night. Yup that’s right, I use it as a facial moisturiser. I had heard really good reviews on make-up ally about both of the Restoraderm products & other people with sensitive skin had used them with no problems. It hasn’t made me break out or make me oily during the day, though I do only use a small amount on my face during the day. On my body at night I am using I am using a organic pure virgin coconut oil all over.

I was using the Azclear medication lotion on my face at night which was really helping at settling the rosacea but I stupidly wasn’t using it with a moisturiser so after 4 nights, I developed a patch of eczema on my neck. Will wait till that heals & go back to using it with a moisturiser over the top & maybe only every other night.

I also forgot to mention I have swapped laundry detergents, I was using Fab Laundry Powder in Sunshine Fresh & Fluffy Fabric Softener in Summer Breeze. I did some googling & found a lot of people with sensitive skins had recommended Amolin Sensitive Laundry Liquid, so I have been using that with no fabric softener.

Even after a week of going to basic products & swapping laundry detergent I have seen a massive change in my skin, it’s still not perfect but my rosacea breakouts have lessened, my skin isn’t as itchy & the rash on my chest is slowly going away.

Gratuitous cute bunny shot because I have no other photos to post

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