Kudos to Kiehl’s

When I lived in America, I got used to paying less for my beauty products, so when I moved back to Oz it was hard to go back to paying double the price if not more for the same products. I pretty much stopped buying ‘prestige’ beauty products here & instead would purchase them on Strawberrynet or get friends in the US to send products over to me. It almost feels insulting to be paying such ridiculous prices but it seems at least one company is listening to its consumers.

I went to the Kiehl’s store in Paddington on Tuesday night to celebrate Kiehl’s is Growing, Prices are Shrinking launch. Kiehl’s Australia wanted to celebrate the massive growth & support they have received in the Australian marketplace by significantly reducing the price of over a quarter of their best selling lines and when when they say significantly reduced, they aren’t kidding.  This is no piddly price drop either, some products have been reduced by half price!

I will admit, I was a big Kiehl’s purchaser in the US but since returning back to Oz, I’ve not bought anything due to the price difference. Kiehl’s Australia seems to understand this is the case for most of their consumers & they want to encourage people to buy their Kiehl’s in Australia instead. I am so happy Kiehl’s have done this & I will be buying as much as can from Kiehl’s in Australia to support them & I hope this is just the beginning & other companies follow suit.

My pick of products that have had a price drop are Ultra Facial Cleanser 150ml $26, Acai Toning Mist 120ml $38, Ultra Facial Moisturiser 75ml $22, Centella Skin Recovery Salve 75ml $68, Lip Balm #1 Tube with SPF 4 15ml $12 & Ultimate Strength Hand Salve 75ml $25.

Hi Mr Polar Bear, what are you doing hiding there?

I would like one of each please

I love the old apothecary jars that decorate the store

How amazing is this chandelier? Do want for my house!

I would love a tub of the Imperial Body balm but at $75 & the rate I go through body moisturisers, might have to get this for special occasions only

Kiehl’s are also running a Facebook & Twitter blogger comp where I have the opportunity to win a deluxe pack of Kiehl’s best selling products & deluxe samples which if I win I will use for a give away on my blog.

Al you have to do is go the Kiehl’s Australia Facebook page, Like the page & post on the wall “I found out about the Kiehl’s Price Drop from onefinestar.com & my favourite product is………….’ or if twitter is more your thang you can tweet @egpr_beauties ‘I found out about the Keihl’s Price Drop from @onefinestar’

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