TV Shows I’m Obsessed with Part II

The shows I am obsessed with this month are a mixed bag, I’m not obsessed with a whole heap but the three main ones are:

Game Of Thrones: I will admit that I haven’t read the books, but this show is amazing. Pretty much as soon as I saw Sean Bean was in it, I know I would like it. It’s been described as ‘The Soprano’s meets Middle Earth’ & that’s pretty much accurate. So if you are a nerd like me & loved LOTR, you will love Game of Thrones & want a pet Direwolf of your own. If you haven’t read the books, I highly recommend reading the HBO viewers guide as it fills you in on the history of the families without spoiling anything.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: I told you this was a mixed bag. This is the newest series in the The Real Housewives franchise & I find the characters a lot less hateful that the OC housewives & some of them I actual feel sorry for. It’s good for hangovers, when you’ve had a tough day or any other time you want to watch something & not have to think, haha.

The Only Way is Essex S02: I didn’t think TOWIE could get any more amazing after season one. How wrong I was, I have two words; Joey Essex. Joey Essex is possible the stupidest man alive & I love him. The episode where they go ‘glamping’ & he has to dig a toilet with Harry is amazing.

Don’t worry you can thank me later for these awesome TV shows & for introducing you to Joey Essex

Joey Essex lookin’ well reem

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