Gift Skillz

I am going to nominate myself as the best present buyer in the world, I am giving huge props to myself but seriously I am as you will see. If was one of my besties & fellow flatties 30th birthday on the weekend & a group of us went in together to buy her gifts & as chief organiser, I was in charge of getting the gifts.

Her main gift was a bracelet from Tiffany’s as she had wanted something that she could keep forever so I choose the Return To Tiffany Bead Bracelet because it wasn’t too chunky so she could wear it everyday or layer it with other bracelets. I knew her parents were getting her an amazing Freelook watch so she could wear them both. Yes I know the bracelet is silver & the watch is gold, but that’s just how we roll. Remember More is More™.

Then the other main gift I had picked out was sold out everywhere but as luck would have it, I found this fabulous Wayne by Wayne Cooper leopard print satchel. I saw this & thought, yes, that will make an excellent everyday bag (yes in my book leopard print is a neutral).

Did you know Kim Kardashian had a jewellery line called Belle Noel? Did you it’s actually really cute? No, neither did I. I found this totally by fluke in David Jones while I was wondering around smelling new fragrances shopping for gifts. There was so much cute stuff but I ended up picking the Nugget Ivory Marquis Pendant in Palladium/Ivory.

See who would have thought it was designed by Kim Kardashian?

Then because everyone needs a nice candle I got her a Glasshouse Amalfi Coast Triple Scented Miniature Candle. I picked the Amalfi Coast scent because like me, she likes clean fresh scents & I knew she would hate any of the ‘foodie’ smells.

See, told you I was the best at picking out gifts for people. When she was unwrapping her gifts, another one of our friends said ‘That’s it, Yas is in charge of buying all my birthday gifts from now on’. What can I say? I have skillz peeps.


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