April Empties

I’m a bit late with my April empties (seriously where did the month go?) but I figured I would still do it since my skin is on report this month, I doubt I will have many empties in May.

ROC Eyemake-up Remover, Intense Chamomile Conditioner, Garnier Fructis Nutri-Repair Fortifying Conditioner, Olay Body Total Effects Shower Cream & Body Butter, King Of Shaves Shave Oil, Revlon Double Twist Mascara, Garnier Repairing Lotion with Shea Butter for Extra-Dry Skin, Renui Coconut Body Lotion, Garnier Mineral Deodorant Silky Aerosol*

ROC Eyemake-up Remover: This is a really gently yet effective eye make-up remover, it’s non-greasy & doesn’t sting my sensitive eyes. WILL BUY AGAIN

Intense Chamomile Conditioner: You know I love this stuff, it’s so cheap, makes my hair nice & soft & doesn’t contain any silicones. WILL BUY AGAIN

Garnier Fructis Nutri-Repair Fortifying Conditioner: It was ok but wasn’t as moisturising as I had hoped WON’T BUY AGAIN

Olay Body Total Effects Shower Cream & Body Butter: I really liked this but since my skin is on report & I have gone back to basics WILL POSSIBLY BUY AGAIN

King Of Shaves Shave Oil: This is an old favourite of mine, it’s great for sensitive skins (especially bikini lines) & it’s great for travel as you use it instead of shaving cream. WILL BUY AGAIN

Revlon Double Twist Mascara: I quite liked this, as it has a kixed of all style traditional  bristles & newer rubber bristles. I find you an really work it into your lashes & is a drier sort of formula which I like. WILL BUY AGAIN

Garnier Repairing Lotion with Shea Butter for Extra-Dry Skin: I hated this, it wasn’t as moisturising as promised & it broke me out in a rash so I ended up just using it on my legs. WON’T BUY AGAIN

Renui Coconut Body Lotion: Another old favourite, I already have a new bottle ready to go as soon as my skin detox is over, this will be one of the first products to be added back into my routine. WILL BUY AGAIN

Garnier Mineral Deodorant Silky Aerosol: I Don’t have anything good or bad to say about this product, it did it’s job but wasn’t outstanding or spectaular & it did leave me with glittery disco ball under arms. WILL POSSIBLY BUY AGAIN

*Once again, excuse the crappy photos & I just noticed there is a lot of Garnier products there, I swear it is a coincidence & I purchased all of the products myself.

2 thoughts on “April Empties

  1. Where do you get the Intense Camomile Conditioner and the Renui Coconut Body Lotion???
    I struggle with both, my hair never seems nice and shiny and at this time of the year no matter what I use on my skin I am always dry!!!

    • The Intense Chamomile Conditioner you can get from Priceline for $5, it’s usually hiding on the bottom shelf with other weird brands.
      The Reniu you can get online at http://www.purefiji.com.au it used to be stocked at David Jones but not sure if it still is, or if you know someone going to Fiji, get them to stock up cause it’s about a quarter of the price over there. Inecto Pure Coconut Oil Body Lotion is a good knock off that you can get from Pharmacies if you can’t get the Reniu.

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