Jonathan Product Silky Dirt

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this product before, it’s my number 1. hair styling product but I have kinda forgotten about it lately, it’s been hiding in the back of my bathroom cabinet & you know what they say about out of mind, out of sight.

There are two types, the original Dirt & Silky Dirt.Dirt is the original & thicker of the two but I find its better for shorter hair where as the Silky Dirt is easier to spread so better for longer hair. Both of the Dirt products give your hair texture, control & definition for a ‘better-than-clean, day-after look’. Both can be used in either damp or dry hair & can be used to scrunch hair, control flyaways & give texture. I found its great for travel because its so versatile, it’s all I really need.My favourite way to use it is to scrunch it into almost dry hair & put my hair in a bun to finish drying for beachy waves.

I should also mention the SMELL. You will either love it or hate it, I don’t normally like sweet smells but this one is amazing, both of the Dirt product smell like Almond essence. If you don’t like the smell, don’t worry, it does disappear so you only need to put up with it for a bit.

I don’t think Jonathan Product is sold in Australia but I can usually pick up what I need from They currently have the Silky Dirt in the full & mini size, I even recommend getting the mini size because it lasts for ages, I use about the size of a pea & I have really thick, long hair.

If you have never heard of Jonathan Product, it’s worth checking out the brand as all the products are free of sulfates, parabens, gluten and mineral oil and are 100% vegan.

Jonathan Product Silky Dirt

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