My Favourite Brush – Pencil Brush

A pencil brush is a small, tightly packed, domed eyeshadow brush for applying eyeshadow primarily to the eye crease.  I love pencil brushes as they are really good for contouring & precision work especially since I am heavy lidded & don’t have alot of space between my lid & brow. I have two that I tend to use the most which is the Clinique Eye Contour Brush & Sephora Professionnel Rounded Smudge Brush #12.

Clinique Eye Contour Brush RRP $31

This brush was my first foray into the world of the pencil brush & I love it for when I am using a more natural shade in the crease as it’s not as small as some of the other pencil brushes.

Sephora Professionnel Rounded Smudge Brush #12 RRP $15 US

I love this brush for when I am doing a smokey eye or using a bright colour in the crease as it has a more pointed tip for a more precision effect. It’s also a bit more tightly packed than the Clinique brush, if I could only have one of the two, then I’d pick the Sephora one.

Becca, Napoleon, MAC & Laura Mercier also make their own verisons of a pencil brush that you should check out too

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