Current Everyday Skincare & Make-up Routine

Thought I’d do a post of on everything I am currently using in my everyday body, face, make-up & hair routine. These are the things that I reach for everyday when I am doing my everyday work make-up.It’s pretty much an amalgamation of everything I’ve reviewed recently (and I’ve linked them back to the reviews in case you missed them the first time) plus a few things I am using but not really liking so haven’t bothered reviewing.


Shampoo:- Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo (just about to run out so thought I would try something else after this)

Conditioner:- Ultra Organics Intense Chamomile Conditioner (also got another new conditioner because this can be a bit hard to find & I’m not always near a Priceline)

Treatment or Styling Product:- Don’t bother most days but will sometimes use Argan oil, Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum or David Bababii Bohemian Beach Waves.


Body Wash:- Olay Body Total Effects Shower Cream + Body Butter

Body Moisturiser:- Renui Coconut Body Lotion (urgh am about to run out, luckily I have my mum going to Fiji this week & will bring me back some more) & Garnier Body Intensive Repairing Lotion for Extra Dry Skin (not really a big fan of this, I think it made me break out on my chest so I am using it on my legs only).

Body Scrub:- Just a exfoliating towel from Woolworths or raw sugar mixed either with coconut oil or Sorbolene (I used it with the sorbolene the other day before I fake tanned in case the oil interferedwith the tan & I really liked it)

Deodorant: Urgh Woolworths didn’t have the Norsca Sea Cotton Island that I love so got a Rexona Cotton Fresh & I hate it, leaves a white powdery mess & leaves my under arms all sticky & this is a spray!


Cleanser: Cetaphil Cleanser for oily skin (still quite liking this cleanser, hasn’t made my skin dry or broken me out)

Exfoliator: RoC Gommage Douceur Gentle Exfoliating Cream (just finished this today so have a new product to try)

Moisturiser: Bio-Oil 99% of the time unless I am going out & am wearing a liquid foundation, then I use my ROC moisturiser

Treatment: Just started using DERMAdoctor Poetry In Lotion (will do a review after I’ve been using it longer)

Eyecream: same as above

Mask: Kore Complex Rejuvenating Mask. I quite like this, it’s an enzyme based mask which is a bit grittty so after i’ve had it on, I use my fingertips with a bit of water to massage it in for extra exfoliation. Not sure if it does much but my skin always feels nice & soft afterwards.


Foundation: Nude by Nature Mineral Foundation, I mix Light & Medium together depending on how tanned I am

Powder: Nude by Nature Mineral Finishing Veil (if you are going to buy Nude by Nature, I would highly recommend you buy it at a store & not over the phone unless you really want the free trial offer)

Bronzer: BYS Shimmer Pearls in Sunseeker still quite liking these, I don’t use much, just a light dusting in a 3 shape on top of my brow, down under my cheekbone & back under my chin and also a smidge on the tip of my nose & chin.

Blush: NARS Deepthroat or Cargo blu_ray™ Blush/Highlighter in Pink Shimmer

Eyes Shadow: I’ve just been reaching for my pop beauty Lid Bronzer Palette which I have hit pan on 2 colours. I love this palette so much & if you are travelling all you really need is this palette & something like NARS Nightclubbing incase I want to do a smokey eye.

Eyeliner: I either use Revlon Colorstay Liquid eyeliner pen (which is great, I love it, but it will smudge if you rub it but it won’t transfer during the day) or Inika Eyeliner in Black Caviar if I want a pencil.

Mascara: Australis Lash TLC Conditioning Mascara, for some reason, the more I use this the more I love it

Lips: I either use Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink About It as a stain or BYS Lip Plumper in Pink which doesn’t plump all that much or burn but it’s nice & moisturising & feels like a thick lipbalm.

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