Manicure Monday – BYS Shimmer Blue Hawaii

Yes, I managed to do another Manicure Monday on a Monday. WINNING!

I hate to say this but I wasn’t all that thrilled with the look of BYS Shimmer Blue Hawaii in the bottle, it just looked kinda meh & I know I should have learnt my lesson with BYS Mirror Finish Disco Ball, but it takes me a few goes to learn these things. To be honest the only reason I put this on was that I had a hankering for a deep blue creme nail polish but I had just put on cuticle oil & couldn’t get the one I had planned on using open.

Luckily the universe has a plan for everything, nail polish included & I have a new favourite blue shimmer to add to my collection.

Behold the magnificence of BYS Shimmer Blue Hawaii.

I don’t know why but I thought this colour would be really hard to work with & need numerous coats to get a good opaque shimmery finish. It was actually really easy to apply, dried quickly & I only needed 2 coats.


2 thoughts on “Manicure Monday – BYS Shimmer Blue Hawaii

  1. love the bys nail polishes! there’s not a lot here in alice springs tho 😦 but if i see this one i’ll buy it, looks nice 🙂

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