Olay Body Total Effects Shower Cream & Body Butter

I was at Priceline & couldn’t find my usual cheapie shower gel so when I saw this on sale for $3.50 I thought I would give it a go. Since I have ridiculously dry skin, I was intrigued by the fact it was a shower cream & body butter. There were two types, the one with Luminous Brighteners (which is the one I got) and one that was Extra Nourishing, I got the one with the brighteners because according to the chart on the back, it was the more moisturising of the two.

I actually really like this shower gel, it’s really creamy but concentrated so you don’t need a lot and it’s also makes a really good shaving cream due to the creaminess. It leaves a shimmer on the skin which I assume is the luminous brightening effect though I find this comes off when I moisturise so it’s not really a big deal. I have really dry skin so I still need to moisturise afterwards but if you have normal skin you may not need too. I’m pretty sure I didn’t use this in America but I must have used something else in the Olay body range because just the smell of this product reminds me of living in Texas but I can’t think of what I used that smells like this. I can’t even describe the smell, it’s just a clean, fresh, toiletry smell but I quite like it, it goes away pretty quickly anyway.

It always makes me laugh when I use it cause its green it looks like it’s mouldy, I think using green was a poor choice Olay.


Definitely give this shower gel a go if you are looking for a moisturising body wash, it also comes in a bigger size as well if the 295ml is too small for you

3 thoughts on “Olay Body Total Effects Shower Cream & Body Butter

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