A brief detour or should I say DeJour

Now I know that a lot of beauty bloggers turned this down as it didn’t fit in with their blog but I figured since I blog about things other than strictly beauty I could get away with it. Also I had an ulterior motive and I thought his would be a good opportunity to bring this up and have a bit of a rant and that is tampon ads.

More specifically tampon ads that make women look like complete idiots, hello recent tampon ad that was set to the tune of ‘Shout’ which had women in a supermarket shouting & crying in excitement because a tampon had some new features which included a knotted string & a tapered tip. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? What woman would get that excited over a knotted tampon string that she would start crying in the supermarket, I mean this ad makes me cry for completely different reasons.  I just cannot believe that this ad made it past the approval process without one woman standing up & going ‘you know what, no woman gets that excited over a tampon’ or maybe they did & were ignored, I don’t know. It’s not just that ad, there are other brands that have just as stupid ads and stupid features where they try & convince you to buy their product over a competitors because they have something ‘special’ like a coloured wrapping.

I don’t know if you are like me, but their advertising has the complete opposite effect than they were aiming for & I boycott their products altogether. I instead use the brands that either don’t advertise or don’t dumb down their ads such as Cottons Tampons, Moxie & now I can add Miss DeJour Tampons to the list as well.

Katrina Allen, the creator of DeJour Tampons  & the new Miss DeJour clearly felt the same way as I did because she went out & created the first brand of tampons by a woman which totally makes sense because who else knows more about tampons than a woman. Katrina created DeJour tampons in 1998 “I looked around at what was on offer and didn’t like the options. The available tampon packaging was loud and gaudy, the purse packs unhygienic and the advertising insulting,” she said. She has now added Miss DeJour to the range which is a bit more glamorous & girlie than the original DeJour range & comes in pretty ziplock bags so your tampons won’t fall out everywhere

Cute, non-embarrassing or obnoxious outer packaging

Cute ziplock baggie that doesn’t scream LOOK AT ME I HAVE TAMPONS


If you are like me & want to support Aussie brands that don’t insult our intelligence, definitely give one of these brands a go.


2 thoughts on “A brief detour or should I say DeJour

  1. Just went to Woolworthes & seen this was on special.
    You are so right!
    The black box that it comes in is a delight! None of that ridiculous colours & prints. Once opened the gorgeous pink ziplock bag. I’m so happy, I know feel like the lame girls in those stupid commercials but with reason!

    Your blog is started to have an affect on me =)

    • haha you are too cute ❤
      How much nicer is it to have discreet ziplock bags that don't scream 'ponds & keeps them contained so they don't end up all through your bag.

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