Favourite Brush – Mineral Powder Brush

I figured since I did a post the other day about my new favourite brush, the duo-fibre brush, I would continue to do posts on my other favourite brushes.

This week it’s my favourite brush for applying Mineral Powder Make-up or any other powder foundation for that matter.

Sephora Professionnel Bronzer Brush #44 RRP $26 US

My favourite brush to apply mineral make-up is my Sephora Professionnel Bronzer Brush #44. It’s so dense that it’s great for buffing in mineral powder, I know it’s technically a bronzer brush but I actually don’t really like it to apply bronzer as I feel that it’s a bit too big. If you know anyone that will be near a Sephora, get them to pick you up this brush, it’s awesome & I regret not getting backups. However I have found some other alternatives that are available in Oz.

Eco Tools Bamboo Bronzer Brush RRP $17.95

The Eco Tools Bamboo Bronzer Brush is an awesome alternative & as a bonus it’s 100% cruelty-free with soft taklon bristles.

Kit Cosmetics Bronzing Brush RRP $59.95

The Kit Cosmetics Bronzing Brush is pretty much an exact if not little bit more an exxy version of the Sephora Bronzer Brush. It has natural goat fibers and specially a designed brush head for a perfectly flawless look.

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