Manicure Monday on a Friday – Kit Nail Polish Go Getter

I decided since Summer has made a brief appearance back in Sydney, I needed a nice bright summery colour to celebrate. I pulled out Kit Nail Polish in Go Getter which is one of my favourite Kit nail polishes, its a watermelonly peachy pink. I really love the Kit Nail Polish formulas & this one is no exception, they go on nice & smooth, only need 2 coats & they seem to last a good week on me before chipping. I actually did this mani on Tuesday night & took this photo today (Friday) and as you can see there is no chipping so far.

Kit Nail Polish in Go Getter $15.95

5 thoughts on “Manicure Monday on a Friday – Kit Nail Polish Go Getter

  1. So I’m totally gloating but I’m now engaged!
    I never wear rings ever & since putting this big shiny thing on my finger, I’ve realised how horrible my fingers are & will have to take these Manicure Mondays more seriously. I do love this colour aswell.

  2. And I just looked at their page, I like the softer pastels. Should I be wearing less ‘loud’ colours due to this sparkling ring?

    • Congrats!
      I think you should wear whatever colours you like, if it was me, I’d be wearing the most obnoxious colours ever to draw attention to the ring, haha. I also don’t really do ‘natural’ colours, what’s the point? haha
      If you want something still bright but not AS bright, OPI Chapel of Love is always a good one as well, it’s a peachy pink.

    • DO IT! I love treating myself to their polishes, also their formulas are always so good, I don’t think I have ever had a dud one. Also they always seem to have the best colours.

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