Duo-Fibre Brush – My new favourite thing

Ok, so I know I am probably late to the party, but I am totally in love with duo-fibre brushes. The only really I even picked one up was cause I saw one on sale at K-mart for $6 so I thought I would give it ago.

It’s great for applying liquid foundation as I was never really happy with using traditional foundation brushes, I always found made my foundation go on streaky so would just use my fingers instead. I noticed Tiffany D (how cute as a button is she & I love her Southern accent) would use a duo-fibre brush to apply her foundation so I stole her technique of putting some foundation on the back on your hand, dip the brush in, dab the excess off on the back of your hand & use circular motions to buff the foundation into the skin.

It’s also great for applying cream blushes & highlighters as I always felt like I was rubbing off my foundation when I would use my fingers to apply the product. I also find using the brush gives you more control & a much more natural finish.

My favourite way to use a duo-fibre brush is to spray it lightly with a facial mist & then use it over my powder to buff the product into my skin & to take off the powdery finish, I also love to do this with my mineral make-up as well.

This is the duo-fibre brush I first bought for $6, it did shed a bit when I first used it but seems ok after a few washes. It normally retails for $18.95


or if you want to jump straight into the duo-fibre party, get the 187 Duo Fibre brush from MAC rrp $85


6 thoughts on “Duo-Fibre Brush – My new favourite thing

  1. I had one of these that I liked for a while but then it started to shed so I tossed it, I might fork out for the MAC versions eventually 🙂

  2. I used to use mine applying liquid/cream blush but I found it doesn’t spread the product around evenly enough? Maybe cause it was $15? I have put it aside and haven’t used it for a while. Let me know if you find a good use for yours!

    • I really like mine for cream blush, I only use the Stila convertible colour though which I guess is quite sticky, so I prefer to use a duo fibre brush to apply it. I just apply it using small circular movements buffing it into the skin, then I usually layer a powder blush over the top.
      Have you tried using it to apply liquid foundation, I find some formula’s apply better than others though.

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