Manicure Monday – BYS Disco Ball

Yes! I actually managed to do Manicure Monday on a Monday. WINNING!

This week I used BYS Mirror Finish Nail Polish in Disco Ball & this is going to be a big call & I know it’s only March but I think this is going to be my favourite nail polish of the year.

Looking at the bottle, I wasn’t really wowed but as I was over all my other nail polishes I decided to give it a go.

BYS Mirror Finish Nail Polish in Disco Ball; it’s plain exterior hides the magical-ness that’s inside

See, looking at the bottle, it just looks like a standard silvery coloured nail polish. WRONG! Disco Ball is this amazing silvery foil that in some lights looks silvery & in others looks more like a champagne colour.  It’s like a $4.95 version of a Minx manicure & the formula is amazing, it goes on smooth & dries quickly. I applied 3 coats but it really didn’t need it, I couldn’t tell the difference between 2 & 3 coats so next time won’t bother with the extra one.

The BYS Mirror Finish Nail Polish range comes in two other colours, Midas Touch which looks like a goldy/bronze colour & Ruby Slippers which looks like a deep red. I am dying to try the other colours out in the range & I hope they are as awesome as my beloved Disco Ball.

3 thoughts on “Manicure Monday – BYS Disco Ball

  1. I’m always sort of weirdly impressed by BYS – I wouldn’t touch their skin products with a ten foot pole, but they do some killer nail products and I swear by their metallic liquid liners.

    I’m a total sucker for silver polish so this is going to be on my to-buy list. Great post!

    • OMG I am still loving this nail polish, I think I am going to take a photo as i’ve had it on over a week & it hasn’t chipped at all, it’s just worn off on the tips a bit. That’s even with me working a full day at the Footy on Sunday & counting coins (which I don’t normally do). FREAKIN’ AMAZING!

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