I love using an oil to moisturise my skin, it’s light, leaves my skin soft & doesn’t break me out. I guess because they tend to contain fewer ingredients than normal moisturisers. I had run out of Nude by Nature Nude Oil & my Trilogy Rosehip oil so decided to give Bio-Oil another go. I had used it many years ago, I think it was the first oil I had used actually but couldn’t remember if I liked it or not.

I figured if it wasn’t any good on my face I could always just use it on my body as I am prone to scarring & I have 2 pet rabbits who like to scratch me & I am sick of having scars everywhere.

Anyway, I’ve been using this for a couple of days now & I am in loooooove. I am using it morning & night, just a few drops on damp skin & it absorbs really well into my skin & for some reason, makes my mineral make-up go on better. I don’t even wait 10 minutes to let it absorb, more like 2minutes at the most. I like to wear mineral make-up to work because I sit in an office & don’t see any clients & it’s quick & easy, unfortunately I wasn’t really fussed on the finish. If i put it on over a moisturiser, it would go all cakey & show up all my pores and end up an oily mess by lunchtime, if I tried to skip moisturiser, it would make my face all dry & tight. At first I was skeptical that putting mineral make-up over an oil would end in disaster, but then I though, meh, why not, can’t look worse than normal.

I don’t know why it works or how it works under the mineral make-up but it makes it look soft & smooth & not cakey or powdery, it also stops me from becoming an oily mess. I mean I still get a bit oily throughout the day but it seems to make the mineral make-up sit better on my skin.

See how good my mineral make-up looks with the Bio-Oil underneath, probably should have reapplied my lippie before this photo was taken, this was taken after eating brunch

It’s also awesome at night, I think because my skin is dehydrated it is prone to scarring, but when I used to Bio-Oil, it made my breakouts heal so much more quickly than they normally would. If I don’t keep my skin hydrated, the rosacea breakouts take ages to heal, this seemed to speed the process along.

I think the key to using the Bio-Oil on the face is to use a small amount on damp skin (this helps to spread the small amount over the skin & helps it absorb quicker).

I have it in the 60ml size which rrp’s for $14.95 & is pretty much going to last me forever just on my face, though I think I will start using on my body as well & even get the 200ml size next time which rrps for $34.95 to see if it works on my eczema I get in my joints.

4 thoughts on “Bio-Oil

  1. your skin looks lovely. what brand of mineral makeup do you use?

    i’ve been thinking of trying bio-oil on my face for a while. i’ve heard it helps reduce the redness and speed up the healing process if you have acne. but, alas! oil + face = scarytown.

    • Thanks, my skin isn’t great without make-up because I get Rosacea but I find oils work better for my skin than standard moisturisers. If you haven’t used an oil before, I’d recommend Rosehip oil, it’s really good if you get breakouts as it will help heal them so they don’t leave scars behind, just use a few drops at night on damp skin. I am still using the Bio-oil & haven’t found it breaks me out at all.

      I use the Nude by Nature mineral make-up but to be honest, it doesn’t really work for me unless I use it with the Bio-oil or a tinted moisturiser underneath.

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  3. OMG I AM SO HAPPY YOU POSTED ABOUT THIS! Lol, sorry for my excitement! I am head over heals with this products! I love, love, love it! I posted about it on my blog too!

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