Manicure Friday – BYS Crackle Finish

I’ve never used a crackle nail polish before (mainly because I couldn’t justify the $20 for OPI & the time time I decided to cave in, it had all been sold out anyway), so I was pretty excited to test out the BYS crackle polish that was sent to me to try.

I used BYS Matte Purple on the base with BYS Crackle Finish in Pink over the top. Now I think the crackle pink works better over a lighter colour as it’s not all that opaque so you can see the purple underneath, but I actually like the finish over the purple, it kinda turned out like an ombre pinky purple.

Also I have to give an awesome shout out to the Matte Purple, this was my favourite out of the two. It was rich in pigment & dried really quickly to give a nice deep, matte purple finish. I was really surprised at how good the quality of it was & I’m definitely going to try other colours in the matte finish.

Both nail polishes rrp for $4.95!

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