Lisa Eldridge Make Up

So I tend to get obsessed with things & then binge on them; turns out make-up tutorials on youtube are no exception.

My current obsession is Lisa Eldridge who is one of the UK’s top make-up artists, she has done a million magazine photo shoots with celebrities & going through her portfolio I even saw a few advertisements that she worked on that I recognised.

Anyway, I am obsessed with her & I think I’ve now watched all her videos at least twice, I just can’t stop watching her & listening to her posh English accent. Oh yeah, she is also awesome at doing make-up & I’ve picked up quite a few new tips from her.

In case you aren’t as obsessive as me & don’t plan on sitting through all of her videos, let me pick you out my favourites.

The Summer Bronzed look video is great if you are a pale skinned girl wanting to learn how to look bronzed without fake tan

The Kristen Stewart video has an awesome technique for soft, smudgy eyes.

The Basic Powder Contouring video is good if your are scurred of contouring



2 thoughts on “Lisa Eldridge Make Up

  1. Ooh, thanks for linking to these videos. I’m always on the look out for good make up tutorials because I’m very average with my make up application skills!

    Will definitely have to have a proper look at these videos again on the weekend!

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