Five Products Under a Fiver

It’s a well known fact that I am indeed a tight arse & even though I have worked for high end cosmetic & beauty brands, I still can’t justify prestige beauty prices. For most beauty products, I don’t believe you have to spend a huge amount of money on them & I’ve decided to put together the list of all the cheap & awesome products I use on a regular basis that can all be found under $5.

PS. I may be a tight arse, but I also very fussy, so these are all products that are not only cheap but are excellent quality & actually work.

Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel approx $4.50

This is the best summertime shower gel, it’s makes your body feel all tingly & cool. I can’t smell any of the Tea Tree in it, only mint so if you aren’t a fan of Tea Tree, don’t let that freak you out. I just noticed on their website that they are bring out a XXX Mint Shower Gel & I won’t lie, I’m pretty damn excited. Hoping it will make a substitute for my beloved Dr Boners Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap that is too hard to get & way too overpriced in Australia.

Oh yeah & all their products are scented with natural essential oils.


Coles Moisturising Lotion Dry Skin 400ml approx $4.30

I only picked this up because I was on the Gold Coast & didn’t bring any toiletries with me because my luggage would have been over the limit so I was looking for the cheapest body lotion for dry skin that I could find. So glad that I picked this one up because it’s freaking awesome. It’s thick but not greasy & leaves your skin soft, moisturised & smelling delicious, like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter but not as sickly. In fact it smells so good, that at one stage Kiki walked in on me & Sassy sitting in the lounge room in silence & asked ‘Why are you both so quiet, did you two have an argument?’ and Sassy replied back with ‘I could never have an argument with Yassy when she smells so delicious’ see so delicious smelling it will stop arguments.

I am most fussy with my body moisturisers because I have such dry skin that is really finicky about what can & can’t be used, if I’m not careful I’ll end up with dry, flaking, irritated skin with breakouts. I also use a bucket load of lotion (It puts the lotion on it’s skin, or else it gets the hose again. Ok no not really, I’m not making a skin suit out of anyone) so I go through it really quickly so need a cheapie formula that works.


Ultra Organics Intense Chamomile Conditioner approx $4.99

I love this conditioner, it has no ‘cones in it & it leaves my over bleached, damaged hair so nice & soft. I also sometimes use it as a hair mask or even put a bit in my hair as a leave-in conditioner. It has a fresh smell & contains real bits of chamomile. If you find this a bit hard to track down, you should be able to find it at Priceline.


Ulta 3 Nailpolishes  approx $2.50

Ask most beauty addicts & they will tell you these nail polishes are the bomb. They are cheap, good quality & come in awesome fashion shades. So they might smell like actual lacquer when you are applying them, but that smell soon goes away & for $2.50, totes worth it. You’ve probably seen these at Chemists in a big tub at the front & dismissed them as a crappy, cheap brand. Well they are cheap, but definitely not crappy, they are also according to their website, Australia’s No.1 selling nail polish. I love them even more than OPI or Essie in terms of quality. My favourite colours are Wild Berry, Spring Fling, Earl Grey & Cocoa Bean.

Body Scrubs under $2

So my favourite cheapie body scrubs which were St Ives In Shower Exfoliating Polish & a cheapie brand from Priceline thats name escapes me seem to either have been discontinued or are always out stock, so I thought, screw this I’ll make my own & that’s exactly what I do. After experimenting with different salts & sugars, I found the best is to get a bowl & pour out equal parts of raw sugar & crushed sea salt (just pour out much you think you will need, I just make it as I use it as I’m not sure if it will keep) & add in enough oil (you can use whatever you like, I personally like coconut but olive oil well work too) and then I stir it until it because wet enough that it sticks together (I like a really rough scrub so I don’t add too much oil as I like it really gritty). Sometimes if I feel like living life on the edge, I’ll add in some coconut or almond essence to make it smell really yummy but then I usually just end up with a sweets craving.

I like to apply my scrub on nearly dry skin before I hop in the shower for a really intense scrub but you can use it on wet skin if you like your exfoliators more gentle.


Hope some of these products help those fellow tight arses out there & I’ll do another post in the next few days of my favourite buys under $10 for when you feel like splashing out.

4 thoughts on “Five Products Under a Fiver

  1. Great post, with you there on the original source, love a minty bodywash/showergel

    And ulta3 too, though I’m still looking for Earl Grey my local never seems to have it.

    • For some reason I always seem to stock up on Ulta 3 when I visited my mum in Tamworth, the chemists there seem to have the best range. I never seem to see it anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney.

  2. I love St. Ives products for the girttiness factor too. No oil, just scrub! Perfect. I’m happy they’ve started making the travel sized apricot scrub too – so much more convenient for travel than lugging the whole gigantic tube around with me!

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