Manicure Monday on Tuesday – Mecca Lychorinda

I really should just give up on Manicure Monday since I never seem to post the pics up on a Monday but I am strangely attached to it.

Anyway, this week with the gloomy weather I felt instantly drawn to Mecca Lychorinda which is the most awesome colour that I haven’t really seen anywhere else. It somehow managed to be bright but dull at the same time, like a dull, dirty, teal (and you all know how I feel about teal, if you don’t, well I’m obsessed with it, it’s one of my favourite colours. Now you’ll be able to sleep tonight).

I love the Mecca nailpolishes, the colours are strongly pigmented, they go on smoothly, they dry quick & pretty much last me a week of normal wear.

Mecca Lychorinda

See isn’t the colour amazing, I just love it, but yet don’t wear it enough as I should. I really recommend the Mecca Nail Polishes & at $22, they are on par price wise (in Australia anyway) with OPI however I prefer these to OPI. I will probably get flamed for saying this, but I’m not a massive fan of OPI, I think they are a bit overrated (thought I do love Sephora by OPI, go figure).

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