TV Shows you have to watch

Ok, so I am going to deviate on a topic I haven’t really touched on before something I am quite obsessive about, yes TV Shows (don’t judge me). There is nothing high-brow about me, I like my shows trashy, immature & unintentionally lolz. My tastes swing between those shared with teenage boys & terrible reality TV shows. Our households most watch channels are CI (Crime & Investigation), Arena, Lifestyle YOU, E!, Style, History & BBC Knowledge.

We also have a habit of getting addicted to a TV show after one episode so we download the entire season/seasons & fall into a hole.

Our current favourites are:-

  • Millionaire Matchmaker (even our straight, male housemate is addicted to this show & I love Patti’s bluntness)
  • The Only Way Is Essex (I can’t even explain why this show is so awesome, pretty much none of the characters are likable but we can’t stop watching. It’s like the English version of Jersey Shore)
  • Jerseylicious (Way better than Jersey Shore, Team Olivia! The episode where Tracey & Olivia have a fight in Sonic & are restrained by a man wearing rollerblade, Amazeballs!)
  • 1000 Ways to Die (Wow is all I can say, some of these deaths are insane, also something else our whole household like to watch together, haha)
  • Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Amazeballs, it’s a Doco all about the big celebrations in the Irish Travellers life,Β  I now want to call my kids John-Boy & Baby Doll)
  • East Bound & Down (Kenny Powers I luff you!)
  • The Inbetweeners (Don’t watch this if you are easily offended, also it’s highly quotable, I dare you to watch the ‘aww friends’ episode & not do the the thumbs up ‘awww friends’ every time someone mentions the word)
  • Tough Nuts (All about Australia’s hardest criminals, so eps are better than other but still worth watching)
  • Deadliest Warrior (Our favourite part is watching Max Geiger’s facials & hearing his lame jokes, he is pretty much us, not sure how I feel about him not being in season 3, I was so sad panda when he tweeted back at me & told me he had been fired. We felt like we had been fired from the show too!)

What are your favourite TV shows that you are obsessed about?

4 thoughts on “TV Shows you have to watch

  1. Aside from my musical stalkings, I’m quite the TV show fanatic.

    Agreed. Kenny Powers is the bomb.
    Whenever I’m slightly sad, I’ll watch Kenny makin’ it rain for the children “dollar dollar bill…ya’ll”

    The Office is always fun, as is 30 Rock.
    Arrested Development is the one series that I have watched in full about seven times AND it never gets old. I actually miss the characters on a daily basis.

    As for Drama. Breaking Bad is beyond anything I’ve watched.

    Oh & I also LOVE the sickly silly female drama.

    • I have Breaking Bad but we weren’t really paying attention to it so I didn’t really get into it but i need to give it another go.
      Yeah Arrested Development is lolz, but didn’t really get into The Office, you need to watch The Inbetweeners if you like Kenny Powers, its totally different but just as offensive & lolz.

  2. OMG! We have VERY similar tastes in trashy TV!!

    I love Jerseylicious (team Olvia too), I LOVE The Only Way Is Essex, or TOWIE for short πŸ™‚ Love Jersey Shore, absolutely ADORED the Gypsy weddings!!!! And have numerous Tough Nuts eps recorded on IQ!

    I am also into Teen Mom and the 16 and pregnant eps on MTV πŸ™‚

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