My Fav Cheapie Foundation – Rimmel Lasting Finish

I discovered this foundation when I was living in Dallas, Texas where the humidity was so out of control, I just couldn’t keep foundation on my face, it would just slide off within half an hour of me applying it. I researched & looked up the reviews on Makeup Alley (no I didn’t make a spreadsheet this time) & they all seemed positive so I purchased it. Low & behold, with a little preparation using some of my Southern girls secrets (how do they always look so perfect? It’s a mystery) I managed to keep my make-up on during high-humid 40 degree days.

The texture reminds me of a more exxy foundation, it’s not a really matte foundation like Colorstay, it’s more creamy I guess like Chanel Pro Lumiere but a bit thicker. I like that it has buildable coverage & that it has a slightly dewier finish than most long lasting foundations. I swap between the Soft Beige 200 in Winter to Sand 300 in Summer (which doesn’t make me look dirty like some darker foundations do).

Other important things:-

  • Freshly applied look for 16 hours.
  • Flawless, semi-matte coverage
  • Rub proof, fade proof, smudge proof
  • MINERAL BOOST Breathable formula enriched with minerals for healthy, smooth complexion.
  • Skin looks fresh, never dull or cakey.
  • Lightweight, oil free texture
  • Comfortable wear all day long

2 thoughts on “My Fav Cheapie Foundation – Rimmel Lasting Finish

    • How good is it! It’s definitely the best cheapie foundation I’ve ever used. Haha I read your post the other day about it it & I was like YES! Another fellow Lasting Finish fan! *FIST PUMP*

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