Make-up, spray tans & lash extensions Oh My

I’ve decided to back to doing some freelance beauty work, I’m already a qualified Make-up Artist & have over 10 yrs experience doing make-up for films, fashion shoots & make-overs. I think I want to expand my repertoire & start doing spray tans & lash extensions as too (well the lash extensions are more because my flattie begged me to learn so I could do it for her at home but I figured it would be good to know).

I’m in the process of trying to update my portfolio as I either:

A. was slack & didn’t take any photos of the work I did or

B. It’s outdated

I have been recruiting friends to be my models so I can update my book & if you are in Sydney & would like to be a model (I can’t pay you but you would be getting make-up done for free, we can even arrange it if you want it done before you go out or for a special occasion) email me on

I promise I’m not a homicidal manic, see how could you not trust this face

Me with own applied make-up, Rugby League Player Magazine Issue 8 2010

Sugar & Vice Look Book Spring/Summer 09

4 thoughts on “Make-up, spray tans & lash extensions Oh My

  1. It’s too bad I live in Brisbane as I am more than willing.
    I’m actually looking into doing one of those short two hour makeup lessons at MAC however keep putting it off as the counter girls seem conceited. Blah!

    • Awww sad panda that you aren’t in Sydney! Yeah I don’t even buy MAC from their counters cause I can never get service. Maybe try booking in at Laura Mericer or Bobbi Brown, most counters should be able to do mini-workshops or show you their techniques.

  2. I wanted to Shielo’s Hydrate Mist because i always have to touch up my make up through out the day and i was a little scared spraying any kind of liquid on my face specially after applying powder on my face so i bought one on their website and I keep it in my bag.

    You have to spray about 3 or 4 sprays and you feel the tightness right away. My make up lasted all day and night i put on my make up in the morning and when i got home at 10:30pm it looked like it did in the morning perfect! I didn’t even want to take off my make up because it looked freshly applied. This Shielo Hydrate Mist Spray is awesome if only i heard of it before.

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