Yaya I am employed again!

I got a job the other week merchandising for a cosmetic company & I was supposed to start my training on Monday but they cosmetic company hasn’t gotten back to the agency even though they wanted the new components installed ASAP. It was supposed to be a one off job & then a 6 month contract at 22hrs a week which was kinda annoying cause it wasn’t enough work to do full time but too much to do along with another job. I still accepted it cause I needed to pay my rent. I am now going to see if I can work with another company for around 10hrs a week as I just got the job I really wanted.

Before I went to the Gold Coast last week I went for an interview for a Marketing Coordinator Role with an Interior Design/Furniture company. I had a really good feeling about it but they wanted me to come in for a second interview but problem; I was going to be on the Gold Coast working during All Stars week. The HR lady said it was fine to come in today but had told me there was alot of people who had applied so I was a bit worried not having the interview till today would hurt my chances.

I had the interview today & it was the shortest interview I’ve ever had, they didn’t ask me any questions & we chatted more about footy & my clothing line. So I left not sure how it went, I knew they had called my references the day before so I knew that was a good sign but apart from that I had no idea.

The HR lady just called me to tell me I got the job & they want me to start on Monday. She said she’s not normally biased but she kept telling them not to make a decision until they met me cause she though I’d be perfect for it. YAY, it’s seems like a really good place to work & completely different to the last place I was working. I am excited to start the new year all afresh with a new job & I’m hearing stories about people getting fired last week for no reason at my last job & I knew I made the right decision quitting.

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