Garnier Herbashine I Hate You!

So the other week I was lazy & couldn’t be bothered bleaching my roots from their natural dark brown to the dark blonde that the rest of my hair is. So I decided to buy a light ash brown semi to run through the top half of my hair & leave the ends light. I decided on the Garnier Herbashine in Light Ash Brown as there doesn’t seem to be much choice in semi’s anymore & my beloved Napro Epic Blonde has been discontinued & I couldn’t be bothered going to Price Attack to get a Goldwell Colourance Mousse.

Well I put it in & it pretty much went black so I ended up with top deck with half my hair dark brown & the other half dark blonde. DO NOT USE THIS COLOUR UNLESS YOU WANT BLACK HAIR.

Luckily a lovely lady on the Vogue Australia Forums gave me some tips to helping to fade out hair colour, those Voguettes sure  know their stuff over there! (not sure if this works on permanent colours though)

Method 1

I have done in the past, but it only removed a bit of colour, this technique is good if you have overdone it on the hair toner & have grey or purple hair)

  1. Get about a half a cup of olive oil & warm it up (i do this buy getting a bowl full of boiling water & putting the cup of olive oil in the bowl for about 5 minutes)
  2. Apply to dry hair, wrap hair in clingwrap & for best results wrap a warm towel over the clingwrap
  3. Leave in your hair for about half an hour
  4. Get a clarifying or anti-dandruff shampoo, apply to the hair without water & later as much as you can
  5. Now slowly start adding in water as you are still lathering up & you should start to see the colour come out
  6. Depending on how dark the colour is, you may need to shampoo a couple of times
  7. Follow with a deep conditioning treatment

Method 2

This was the one that really helped fade my hair & I recommend if the hair colour you are trying to remove is more stubborn

  1. On damp, nearly dry hair, massage in some clarifying shampoo, adding in a small amount of water, just enough for it to start lathering
  2. Wrap your hair in clingwrap & blast with a hairdryer on hot for at least 5 minutes (the heat helps fade the colour)
  3. Leave your hair wrapped up in the clingwrap for at least 30 minutes & put a hot towel over the top if you can
  4. Wash your hair out by adding water & lathering up the clarifying shampoo that is already in your hair
  5. Rinse, & apply a protein mask to your hair as this can be a bit drying.

And you’re done, it should fade out some more everytime you shampoo & you can continue to use a clarifying or anti-dandruff shampoo each time you wash your hair if you want it to continue to fade.

Hope this helps some others with their hair disasters.

Also you’ll be please to know that I now actually like the effect it has on my hair now it’s faded a bit & actually a light ash brown!

Excuse the terrible photo but I had just been at Whitewater World taking photos of wet, shirtless footy players as part of All Stars week on the Gold Coast. I think I was still a bit flustered.

Note to self: get a botox eyelift.


One thought on “Garnier Herbashine I Hate You!

  1. i know this was posted a whiiiile back. But i dyed my hair about a week ago, with their “medium ash brown” color and it looks cherry black! I had med-light brown hair, and i just wanted to go a liiittle bit darker to match my extensions? And now it looks horrible. How long did it take you to wash out the color? I have a very important photoshoot in a week. And its INCREDIBLY important i get my hair, atleast to the color it was, or dark brown. help?

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