Norsca – Bringing the 80’s back

Remember Norsca? I think back in the 80’s it was originally called Norsca Spa & had a range of deodorants & soaps. I remember we always had Norsca deodorant in our house along with the deodorant soap (I’m still confused as to what a deodorant soap does?).

Anyway I was in Coles last night perusing the toiletry aisle like I am prone to doing when I realised I needed a new deo. I had the trusty Rexona Cotton Fresh in my basket when I looked up & saw Norsca Sea Island Cotton.

Now you all know how I feel about clean, cottony smelling fragrances, so immediately my interest was piqued. Then I saw on the can it was also moisturising & soothing which since I have sensitive underarms it had me sold.

Apologies if you in Bondi Junction Coles & heard a crazy person muttering to themselves ‘Moisturising & soothing? I need moisturising & soothing’, it wasn’t a crazy person, just me talking to myself (I am also prone to arguing with myself in the supermarket too).

Other Benefits

  • Ultimate balance of protection & hydration for sensitive skin
  • Calming hypo-allergenic fragrance with odour-fighting technology
  • 24hr protection against wetness & odour
  • Delicately moisturises, gently hydrates & cares for your skin
  • Superior anti-white marking formulation


Now for the important thing; the smell

Norsca describes this scent as delicately blended with the indulgent scent of breathtaking fresh open cotton fields. Now I wouldn’t go that far, don’t do thinking this is a dupe of CLEAN Warm Cotton but it is a clean, fresh fragrance with almost a hint of sweetness. I still love the fragrance & it’s almost nice enough to just wear on its own.

Norsca, my memories of you haven’t let me down, you are still awesome!

3 thoughts on “Norsca – Bringing the 80’s back

  1. Ooh, I used to love Norsca. We always had that trusty green aerosol can in the bathroom. I’ll have to have a whiff next time I’m at the supermarket – I’ll be so disappointed if it doesn’t smell the 1980s Norsca I remember!

    • You can still get the original Norsca Green Forest Fresh Deo, I’ve seen it in Pharmacies! I’m scared it won’t smell the same either or that I will hate it. They also have a coconut & lime one, but it seemed a bit too limey, I wanted more coconutty.

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