Sportsgirl Colour Me In Eye Pencil Review

So you may remember a week or so ago I had a big Sportsgirl haul & picked up 2 eyeshadow pencils. I’ve been using these fairly regularly since I got them so thought it was time to do a review.

Sportsgirl Colour Me In ‘Purple’

Not quite sure why they named this one purple since it is double sided & also has a cool bronze colour on the other end which is the main reason why I picked it up.

Bronze colour on the lid with the purple smudged into the lower lashes, not a huge fan of the purple, its a bit waxy & just seems to wipe off when you try & blend it, but the Bronze colour on the other end is amazing & worth it alone. If I am going to the beach or a BBQ, I will just wear the pencil on its own. If I am going out & want it to last all night, I use it as a base & put Two Faced Glamazon over the bronze colour with POPBeauty Liner cake in the purple over the well purple, duh!

Sportsgirl Colour Me In ‘Gold’

So like the purple, this one is also double sided with a frosty white on one end & a warmer gold on the other end.

If I want this one to last longer, I put Mac Pigment in either Tan or Goldenaire on the gold colour & Vanilla on the frosty white highlighter. But can easily be worn by themselves but because they are a soft pencil they can crease in warm weather on the lid unless you put them over the top of an eyeprimer like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Two Faced Shadow Insurance (which I prefer because it comes in a tube & you don’t have to get a saw & cut it open to get the remaining 80% of the product out like you do with Primer Potion).


I like to apply these by roughly colouring in my lid directly with the pencils then putting some on my MAC 242 Shader brush (but any synthetic concealer brush will also work) & blending it in.

This is also an awesome technique to do a smokey eye with, I might do a tutorial on that this week actually.


Colour Me In ‘Gold’ Duo, Colour Me In ‘Purple’ Duo swatches without eyeshadow

Colour Me In ‘Gold’ Duo, Colour Me In ‘Purple’ Duo swatches with eyeshadow layered on top

I really love these shadow sticks, the main reason I bought them was because I had very similar ones in the 90s when Revlon had a range called Revlon Streetwear & I cried when they discontinued the range & my pencil ran out. They are only $7.95 each & since they are double ended, you are getting two for the price of one. They also come in another colour that is an Aqua Blue with a silvery frosty white but I don’t think I can pull off blue eyeshadow anymore so I left this one.


All looks are done using Clinique All About Eyes Concealer, MAC Studio FIX Powder Plus Foundation & Revlon Double Twist Mascara. No eyeshadow was used over the top of the pencils unless specified.


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