My Last Haul

So I went on a bit of a shopping bender in the last two weeks. Good because now I have clothes & shoes, bad because I am temporarily without a job. On the plus side I will look cute & unemployed.

I got these two Minty Meets Munt dresses off my favourite website Brands Exclusive. My Mum got me addicted to this site, she rings me every morning to see if I have checked the days specials out yet & when I tell her I am still on my way to work, she yells at me ‘YOU’D BETTER HURRY, THEY WILL BE ALL GONE SOON!’. She also manged to buy 99% of my Christmas presents off there. Anyway I digress, aren’t these the most adorable dresses you have ever seen? Though after trying them on I realise why they are so cheap. The floral dress had its zipper sewn too far up so it was a nightmare to get on & off, so I unpicked the side seam & now it is much better. The Lilac one looked perfect, even a little big. WRONG! The inside lining is a skin tight non-stretch cotton that won’t fit over my size 8 booty.  Anyway luckily for me, I have skillz so these two problems weren’t a biggie but I can imagine it would be pretty annoying for a non-sewer.

Last weekend after lack of sleep I went shopping & score a massive haul of bargains at Westfield Eastgardens (I hate Westfield Bondi junction so much). I went to Big W & the Bonds Extreme Armhole Tanks I love were marked down to $10 each so I grabbed the last 3 they had in stock.

Bonds Extreme Armhole Tank*

They also had the grey marle Made2Share Tankers which were only $14.95 full price so I grabbed one as well (you can never have too many singlets). These are so nice & soft, very similar to American Apparel Tri-Blend Tanks but a bit thicker material.

Made2Share Tanker*

I was on a mission to find some comfy wedges since my two other pairs have both broke & I haven’t had time to get them repaired. I found these in Shoe Box for only $29.95, granted they are not leather, they are the most comfortable shoes ever.

I also picked up some more stuff at the Sportsgirl extra 30% off sale items, I just can’t help myself, it’s practically free! I got a cute leopard print bucket style handbag for $20 & a Hawaiian print tank for $12. See almost free. Kinda. Just roll with it.



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