New Beginings

So today I had it, it had been building for months & months but today I quit my job, cleaned out my desk & walked straight out of the office.

Being screamed at by my boss today over the phone (which is a regular occurrence) just tipped me over the edge. I snapped, I thought I don’t need to take this, I am highly employable, I’m doing you all a favour just by being here. After being told I needed to learn how to communicate, even though all the problems in the company are because of her & her lack of communication.

I packed up my desk, waited a few minutes to see if I would calm down, then looked over at my work colleagues desk to see her on the phone being screamed at as well, I knew I had to go. This was never going to change, the company would never change as long as she was in charge and I was not being paid enough to be that miserable at work.

It’s sad because I really liked my job but the way the company is run just makes everything overly complicated than it has to be & it will never change, I know that.

Everyday you would get screamed at for something that wasn’t your fault & was generally caused by the boss herself.

Anyway I’m going to miss all the people that I worked with (apart from my boss obviously) as I really loved everyone I worked with there.

God I hope so


So if you know anyone that needs a casual or Part-Time Make-up Artist/Visual Merchandiser/Marketing Manager/Sales Support/Fashion Designer/PR Bitch/Admin Assistant in Sydney please let me know xoxo.

2 thoughts on “New Beginings

    • Thanks poppet, much appreciated. I always liken working there to Stockholm Syndrome, you know working there isn’t normal but you just can’t leave.
      But i think everything will work out & it gives me the time to focus on my other business which is my clothing line.

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