Le Tan Classic Lotion – The Smell of Childhood Summers

I was standing in the sunscreen section of Target tossing up between the Le Tan Classic Lotion SPF 30 & the Le Tan Coconut Lotion SPF30. I was originally learning toward the coconut as I am a coconut scent bandit, but when I smelt it, it seemed a bit fake coconut smelling (which I hate). So I picked up the classic bottle & had a sniff (I’m obsessed with what things smell like) & I was instantly transported back to my childhood summers spent at the beach, even the bottle was the same (Le Tan calls it the heritage bottle shape). I knew as soon as I smelt it that the Classic Lotion was for me. I took it on the NYD Cruise where everyone was using it & commenting on how good it smelt, so I knew it wasn’t just me being crazy. This smells so good that I find myself wearing it purely for the smell though the fact it’s light, non-greasy & moisturising doesn’t hurt either.

If you are looking for a new sunscreen, I highly recommend the Le Tan Classic Lotion SPF 30 (it’s also available in a spray or roll on if a lotion isn’t your thing)

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