The No Shampoo Method – Semi Fail

So remember last year when I decided I wanted fairy floss pink hair but after 2 goes bleaching my already light blonde hair, i still couldn’t get it light enough?

Well that took a pretty big toll on my already damaged hair so I decided to Wen my hair, but while it did work, it’s also pretty expensive. I went looking for a substitute & found the No Shampoo Method. There are two schools of thought here, one is to use a paste made of baking soda instead of a shampoo & rinsing with apple cider vinegar instead of conditioner. The other is to use a ‘cone (Silicone, Dimethicone etc) free conditioner & use it instead of a shampoo by using a massaging technique to remove the dirt & oil from the scalp & adding in water to get a slight foaming action. Then follow with a  heavier ‘cone free conditioner on the mid-lengths & ends.

I was a bit scared to use the baking soda technique as I once followed Paula Begoun’s advice to use it mixed with Cetaphil Cleaner as a facial scrub, well that ended in type of chemical bun on my face, it wasn’t pretty. So now I am avoiding baking soda altogether on my skin. So I tried the second technique using Schwarzkopf Extra Care Push-Up Volume Conditioner as the ‘shampoo’ with Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner as the, well err ‘conditioner’.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Push-Up Volume Range (sorry about the terrible photo, was all I could find)


Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner

The first couple of times I did the no shampoo method, I really liked the results, my hair was soft & silky, but the more I did it, the oily my hair got. Now they do pre-warn you that it can take a while for your hair to get used to it, but quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered waiting that long. I gave it a couple of weeks & then gave up.

But I didn’t give up altogether, I had a brainwave one day. Ok so my hair seems to still need shampoo, but it’s drying on my hair, what if I mixed a moisturising ‘cone free shampoo with some ‘cone free conditioner.


So I got the Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo & mixed it in with the Schwarzkopf Conditioner.

Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo

This was a success, my hair is clean, silky, soft & I can get about 3-4 days out my wash before I have to wash my hair again (which is a big thing for me cause my hair is so long & thick, it takes forever to wash & dry).

I think the no shampoo method will work better on those hair types that have a drier scalp than mine, but if you are more of a normal type like me, try my trick. I mix the shampoo & conditioner about half/half in a small plastic bowl in my shower.

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