Sportsgirl Haul

My favourite sale is when Sportsgirl takes an extra 30% of sale items, I go completely mental and loose my damn mind in there. So I was pretty excited when I was looking at last night & saw the extra 30% off advertised on their website banner. I had a quick look in the sale section on the site so when I went in store I knew exactly what I wanted.

Today after having a delicious brunch with Sassy from Oh Errol & Ash from Sharman Says, poor Sassy had to head off to work so I dragged Ash into the Pitt St Mall Sportsgirl store & headed straight to the sale section, only getting distracted by a few leopard print full price pieces.

I quickly grabbed the 2 scarfs I had seen on sale last week but didn’t get, a necklace, a leopard print dress I saw on the website plus two extras. I made Ash mind the accessories while I tried on the 3 dresses and miracle of miracles, THEY ALL FIT. The sale gods were smiling down on me today & because I was in a reckless mood to spend, I grabbed two duel ended eyeshadow sticks on the way to the register as well.

As the girl was ringing up my purchases, I was thinking it would come to about $200 so I was pleasantly shocked when it all came to $140 as some of the items had been marked even further down than their red price ticket. SCORE!

You can never have too many white lacey dresses


or leopard print

or even floral

or scarfs

ok so the eyeshadow pencils weren’t on sale, but for $7.95 each, they were just as good as on sale

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