Laser Hair Removal – It’s a revolution

I decided to finally take the plunge & start some laser hair removal. The salon I went to was only $70 for Brazilian & underarms using a Candela laser so I figured I didn’t have too much to loose. I thought I would start off on a small area to see how my hair reacts to it, rather than doing a larger (ie. more exxy) area & finding out at the end of the course that it did nothing.

The Therapist got me to fill out all the paper work & then explained that it would hurt a little like an elastic band flicking over the skin. She started on my underarms & I was shocked, IT DIDN’T HURT AT ALL! Admittedly I have a very high pain threshold, but I can’t handle waxing my underarms so I thought it might be about the same pain factor as that.

The underarms took less than a minute to do both & then she moved onto the Brazilian area. This hurt a little, but nothing like waxing, even when she got to the more *ahem* delicate areas and this was a proper Brazilian so they did EVERYTHING. This took a little longer but no more than 2 minutes, so I was pretty much in & out of the salon in under 10 minutes. Some areas feel a little sensitive like a really mild sunburn, but this should disappear within 24hrs.

I am excited to see what results I get, but knowing how quick my hair grows, I am expecting to have to have the full 10 treatments minimum. I definitely recommend it & I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do it & have been messaging everyone to tell them to go get it done!

3 thoughts on “Laser Hair Removal – It’s a revolution

  1. I think I may have had the same areas done at the same place, about 3 years ago. Best thing I ever did for myself. Once you do it you can’t undestand why anyone would continue waxing! 😀

    • I know right! It was so quick though I did get a bit worried they didn’t get everything, I was wondering if I should try somewhere else to see if they are as quick or is it pretty quick all round?

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