Manicure Monday on Thursday

Ok so with the holidays I’ve been a bit slack, well that and the fact I’ve just done some really bad mani’s lately, I think I lost my mani mojo for a while there.

Anyway IT’S BACK and with my brand spanking new camera, you can now actually see the mani properly and the colour is pretty much spot on too.

This week I went to Chi Chi’s I Do I Do I Do that I purchased a couple of weeks before Christmas but only had a chance to try it out this week. It’s a delicious peachy sherbert colour that’s a bit more subdued my normal mani colours but I really like it.

On the downside, it goes on pretty streaky so I had to do 3 coats and its started to chip after 2 days but only on two fingers so I guess I can’t hold it against it too much.

All in all it’s a lovely summery colour that I think might be my new neutral* nail polish colour.

*Neutral like how I classify leopard print as a neutral. More is more

6 thoughts on “Manicure Monday on Thursday

  1. Oh I love that colour, I wouldn’t normally go for peachy but perhaps that will cure my winter blues. No matter what polish I use, it always chips after about a day – am I doing something really wrong?

    • Do you use a base & a top coat Bri? I usually get a week out of my mani’s, but they usually start to chip after the fourth day.
      I am a bandit for anything peach or coral, it’s my inner nana! haha

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