I’m on a muthafuckin’ boat

Ok well we were on Saturday, Kiki’s mates from high school had organised a NYD harbour cruise and organised they did. We were given lei’s as we boarded the boat, the boys were Dj-ing and the drinks were flowing. I even managed to take my new camera and take some photos!

The weather in Sydney was perfect, hot but with a cool breeze which was perfect for a stop off at Chowder Bay for a dip in the water.

We were on the boat for a good 6hrs but felt like maybe two, everything is more fun on a boat. Now we just wish we were rich so we can hang out on a massive boat and cruise the harbour all the time.

It was such an awesome way to start the new year, it was fun, relaxing and I had my bitches with me. The highlight of the day was after 5hrs of house music, someone decided to put on Toto’s ‘Africa’. The entire boat was out on the deck singing and dancing along. Imagine a boatload of about 100 drunken people all singing ‘I bless the rains down in Africa’ on a boat on Sydney Harbour. It’s no surprise that the people at Cargo Bar wouldn’t let us in even though we were all on the door list.

I hope they decide to organise another one for next year because it was one of the best NYE/NYD i’ve ever had. I’m going to take that as a sign that 2011 is going to be muthafuckin’ awesome!


I think this sums up the day quite nicely



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