Buh Bye 2010

Since I believe NYE is for amateurs and it’s all about NYD, I am not actually doing anything for NYE apart from sitting at home with my flattie Kiki and getting ready for our cruise tomorrow on Sydney Harbour. So I decided to have a quick reflection on 2010.

2010 has been pretty good to me, I had some pretty big life changes and opportunities which I hope are just the start and will continue to get bigger and better in 2011.

2010 was the year I

  • Got a major promotion at work which was the amalgamation of 4 peoples jobs
  • Had a major melt-down at work due to work overload and stress as the only person in the role
  • Tried to quit my job
  • Was given a part-time role instead as the Retail Marketing Manager
  • Started up my own clothing business Full Credit Originals where I make cute clothes for girls in their favourite footy team colours
  • Had a reading with a amazing psychic called Gian Luca who spurred me on to start living my life & start up Full Credit
  • Moved houses from Maroubra to Nth Bondi and gained Adikkal as an extra roomie
  • Started up One Fine Star as another creative outlet
  • Gained two pet rabbits, Roy Asotasi & Preston Campbell
  • Made a heap of awesome new friends, you all know who you are and became even closer to my best friends

So all in all, I can’t complain, nothing bad happened and lots of awesome things happened which I am extremely grateful for and I do believe everything happens for a reason. So bring on 2011!

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