My Pretties…

Today when I checked my bank account I got a nice surprise and saw my tax return had gone into my account. While it was a fair bit less than what my Accountant had estimated, it was still enough to get my 13 inch MacBook Pro & Pink Pentax KR DSLR.

I decided to go with the 13 inch in a refurbished model as it was $2oo cheaper and they had free delivery so it will arrive at my work hopefully tomorrow. I don’t do any gaming or any heavy editing so the 13inch will be perfect for my needs, I am so excited!

I seemed to be in luck today as Ted’s Camera house just got the pink ones in stock so I was able to run out in my lunch break & pick one up.I now need a camera case, I am thinking of using my pop’s camera case that he used for his SLR camera.

I love new tech gadgets, if I was rich I would spend all my money on techy nerdy things & travelling.



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