Christmas Haul

Ok after a 6hr train ride back from Tamworth, I am happily back in Sydney (not so happy to be going into work tomorrow, but that was voluntary to get through my work in the peace and quiet of an empty office so I only have myself to blame).

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday & Christmas!

I was very restrained this year & didn’t stuff myself stupid our even make our traditional Christmas Trifle (the secret is a lot of alcohol!) but I was spoiled rotten from my friends, Mum & adopted Sydney Parents.

Angel the cutest Boxer x Bull Arab puppy ever!


In no particular order I received:-

  • Gamin GPS (so excited about this as I don’t have GPS on my phone & always get lost in Sydney)
  • Dupé thongs (I love these thongs, they are way comfier than Havaianas and I always steal my roomies pair)
  • 3 pairs of Loveable bras & knickers
  • 2 recipe books (one for gluten free meals & the other one for quick snacks)
  • Aquarius 12 month forecast book (I love this, it’s so spot on with what it says about my personality I am taking it’s forecast for the next 12 months as gospel and I may or may not have already highlighted passages out of it)
  • Beach towel with brightly coloured bird print ( my roomies parents who I call my adopted sydney parents got me this, it’s awesome & pretty much me in towel form)
  • Blue Li-Lo lounge (another pressie from my adopted Sydney parents, have no idea how they knew I wanted one but it’s brilliant)
  • Quilt that my Nana made, she is a quilter and gives us one each year from her collection that she’s made. I just love them, they appeal to my inner nana & they are so beautiful & cosy.
  • Wooden ornaments that my Pop made when he was still alive. He passed away 2 years ago and it comforts me to look around and see all the amazing things he made that surround me. He was an amazing woodworker, leatherworker & photographer so I incredible photographs he took & made the frames for hanging on my wall & leather handbags he made that I use on special occasions.
  • ROC skincare, I got an abundance of cleansers, make-up removers & moisturisers that I plan on reviewing this week.
  • Long crocheted vest with pockets (my mother knows my inner nana well) I plan on wearing it to work tomorrow!
  • Chocolate fondue set (pretty excited to use this with some strawberries!)
  • Make-up/coin purse that is teal with birdprint (my friend knows me well, my favourite print & colour) this will be perfect for the beach to keep my phone, keys & lipbalm in so they won’t get all sandy
  • Charlie Brown red & white striped handbag (excellent size & matches my bikini, will be great for the beach!)
  • Floral print biker style denim jacket (this will look adorable over a white lacey dress when I go to the pub for drinks)
  • Lime green leather wallet (I totally needed a new one & this fills all my criteria & it has a dangly leather bird silhouette that hangs off the zipper)
  • Kore Complex Rejuvenating Mask


I’m sure I have left some things off, but I feel thoroughly spoilt by all the thought that went into all my gifts & I love them all!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Haul

  1. I am so glad that you liked your awesome chrissy haul.I had to put a lot of thought into it this year to make up for last year.

    • I know it’s so unbelievable how quickly i’m catching up on all this new technology!!!! U girls should be proud of me. I was really impressed that Yas liked the Nana knit me this vest and denim skater jacket they where gonna be the I LOVE IT or (like last Chrissy) MUM WHATEVER WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!

  2. This is so awesome! Deservedly spoilt, I say.
    Two questions: Which style of Dupe jandals? (We kiwi’s refuse to call them thongs) and what astrology book? I’d like a corresponding scorpio one!

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